gal|lop1 [ˈgæləp] v
[Date: 1500-1600; : Old French; Origin: galoper]
if a horse gallops, it moves very fast with all its feet leaving the ground together
→↑canter, trot ↑trot
A neighbour's horse came galloping down the road, riderless.
a galloping horse
2.) [I and T]
if you gallop, you ride very fast on a horse or you make it go very fast
gallop along/off/towards etc
I watched as Jan galloped away.
3.) [I always + adverb/preposition]
to move very quickly
= ↑run
Ian came galloping down the stairs.
gallop 2
gallop2 [i]n
a) [singular]
the movement of a horse at its fastest speed, when all four feet leave the ground together
→↑canter, trot ↑trot
The horses broke into a gallop (=begin to go very fast) .
at a/full gallop
Mounted police charged at full gallop.
a ride on a horse when it is galloping
2.) [singular]
a very fast speed
at a/full gallop
The project began at full gallop.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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